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   CEO - Allan Woolway

Support Sciences is a consulting firm with 30 years of real-world experience in taking  startup companies and developing them into successful ventures.

With a rare combination of technical knowledge and business savvy, evaluating what a company needs to become successful is instinctive.Support Sciences is a unique business design firm offering a variety of services including Business Consulting Services with expertise in Business Process - Direction - Optimization, Application Development (Full Life-cycle), Database Design, Website Design. We have the experience to move companies from an old technology to a modern way of handling business and communications. We have created and launched many successful businesses since our inception.

Business Consulting

With 30 years of business experience we can help your company to increase efficiency and come up with possible solutions for growing and becoming more profitable.


Support Sciences believes that every company should be evaluated. It is our belief that a potential customer should not pay a lot of money to get a review of what can be done to improve business.


Technology oriented business ventures would benefit most from the experience of our staff. This would include companies that are using technology to try and make their companies more efficient. In the current environment, other than people, technology has the most profound effect on productivity and profitability.

Application Development

Experience is important when developing an application. It is important to be able to pin point the production functionality desired. It is important not to get lost in the detail when first designing the product.


Our expertise is in the full Life Cycle of development of applications.


Our President, Allan Woolway, designed and wrote many applications for many diverse industries. There are a few examples listed below. Allan has a patent on one of latest designs "Progressive layered forensic correlation of computer network and security events". For this product, Allan designed, managed the programming, lead the sales team which lead to selling the product which is currently owned by IBM.

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Project Management

Project management can make or break a company. It is important to be focused and know how to complete a job. A big mistake is constantly changing your goals and never completing the project. Many companies fail because of this common mistake.


A project has specific steps and milestones that need to be reached. It important that some is familiar with the Full Life Cycle of a project to have the experience to guide the members involved.


Many projects are never completed because specifications become moving targets and are continually changed. It is important to stay focused and complete a project, only making key changes based on findings along the way. A common mistake is trying to always make something perfect and never completing the current task.

Startup Mentor, Software Designer,

Business Consultant, Project Management, Logistics Specialist, Solutions Oriented

What Makes Support Sciences Different

Part of what makes this company different is the varied experience by its original inventor, Allan Woolway. Here is a short summary:


1983 - Created animated software simulations on Apple

          Developed routines for controlling Robots walking, talking & reacting to

1984 - Developed logistical linked  databases for Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klien, Yves saint
          laurent using first versions of the IBM PC

1984 - Started Mini-Byte Software as a consulting & software development company

1985 - Created an accounting, warehousing, inventory system for mid-sized companies

1986 - Created a data-mining solution for larger law firms

          Created an authoring system for NASA using Laser Disks

          Started installing Xenix multi-user systems for Small Businesses

          Started manufacturing of private label computers for business applications

1988 - Developed a sophisticated Warehouse system that could recommend more

          efficient ways of picking orders and storing items based on inventory turn-over

1989 - Early multi-processor adopter for running larger Xenix installations (prior to unix)

1990 - Involved with bringing parallel processing systems from France to the U.S.

1992 - Worked with a developer to launch a software product making a Xenix/Unix

          disk, look & work like a Novell disk with printer sharing - Worldwide distribution

1993 - Built all the systems for a Data Center & Trading floor for Charles Schwab, NJ

1995 - Sold Mini-Byte to Silverline - Took products to India

1997 - Sold MBS Solutions & Created a Basis installation team for SAP working with

          Titan Technologies - Company sold

1998 - Brought in by Merrill Lynch investors - Ran sales for Calvin Alexander
          Networking, matched CAN to a publicly owned company for sale of company

2000 - Joined NetMon LLC - Designed new database technology to handle critical
           networking events, received a patent, sold company & product in 2006.

2007 - Starting helping startups (as a volunteer) - Small companies, Bucknell students

2008 - 2015 - Continuing to create new software products.

Allan's Patent

Click on the image to see the actual patent

In 2001 I came up with an idea of how to investigate network events to find the root cause of where it was coming from. I came up with a database schema for handling the evaluation of events that was totally new. This made the product a success and we were able to compete against much larger companies for business. IBM eventually purchased the rights to the patent, but I will always retain authorship. I am proud of this accomplishment.


Rules are arranged as nodes among layers of a hierarchical decision tree. Nodes of the decision tree can be copied and re-used at other locations on the current tree, or on another tree, in a highly efficient manner. When this occurs, corresponding field values from a parent or ancestor node are automatically updated in the newly introduced node. In addition, when a decision tree is used to operate on an event repository, the results of various rules, defined as a “match” or “no match”, are stored in a common event table that is accessible by nodes at other layers of the decision tree. In addition, actions can be initiated, for example command scripts, at designated nodes of the decision tree, for example upon the occurrence of certain conditions.

Support Sciences works out simple solutions for complex connectivity problems.


BulletinCloud.com - A site designed by Allan Woolway with programming done by Brian Floersch. This proprietary application duplicates a multi-layered bulletinboard on a website. This example is of a bulletinboard for a college. This product has many potential vertical markets.

These are craft designers - The site was meant to be unique to their special crafts


There are many other examples, which will be added at a later time.


Resume for Allan Woolway includes the following from Present to Past:

    Career History

    Outstanding Computer Related Experience & Accomplishments Personal Hobbies

    Career History


Startup Business Consulting & New Software Design – Dec 2009-June 2015

    Started BulletinCloud.com Online electronic Bulletin Board

    CEO of EntreMetric.com

    Currently working with Startups in the Lewisburg, PA area.


Business Consulting & Software Design – Oct 2005 – Dec 2006

SMB consulting, helping to give smaller companies guidance on how to grow their business. Worked on two new product designs: 1. Email archiving and data mining for SMB compliance.

2. Designed a product that could give users the ability to compare web based product pricing and information automatically over the web without human intervention. Outsourced programming resources have been located for these two products.


Director of Engineering - April 2005 – Oct 2005 Consul Risk Management * Herndon, VA

• Authored and filed a patent after designing and implementing a method known as “Progressive Layered Forensic Correlation” of security and network events. Assisted in guiding the integration of the NetMon2 technology with the Consul Risk Management compliance solution as part of the sale of NetMon2 to Consul.


CTO - Sept 2000 – Apr 2005 * ITS / NetMon2 * South Plainfield, NJ

• Originally hired by the President of ITS to develop new products and sell Micromuse products.


• In Feb of 2001, recommended building a gateway from Sniffer to Micromuse as an ITS, Inc. product. Designed and managed development of a gateway from Micromuse to Sniffer products which was then sold to Network Associates as an OEM product.


• In Nov of 2002, developed a design and plan for creating a network management tool that could compete with Micromuse for the SMB market (NetMonSecure). Completed the product in 8 months and then closed a new OEM deal with Network Associates for this product.


• Continued to design and develop functionality, added security management to the product. Created a completely new design for Progressive Layered Forensic Analysis of network and security events (which is currently patent pending). Researched specific Open Source applications to enhance the collecting of network and security events, decreasing the length of time needed to collect data from many sources. Added compliance reporting using data captured by NetMonSecure.


• NetMon2 broke away from ITS and became its own company. Continued to have complete responsibility for architecting the product, heading up development, support and technical support of the sales team.


• Instrumental in closing a deal to sell the NetMon2 technology to Consul Risk Management based on the technical achievements of the NetMon2 Network and Security event management application.


President / Owner - July 1999 – Sept 2000 * Support Sciences, Inc.* Edison, NJ (Sold assets in Aug. 2000)

Acted as a consultant for a group of investors to evaluate and recommend whether a new Network Management / Auto-Discovery product was suitable for a venture capital group. Based upon this recommendation, the group invested in the company that developed the product. Worked as a consultant / advisor to this Network Management company. Based on the understanding of the synergy between companies, a publicly traded company was found that had a need for this new technology. Subsequently Micromuse purchased the company on 12/23/99. Responsible for developing training materials and sales presentations to aid in a quick deployment of the technology.


Designed and developed a new application. This application handles CRM (Customer Relationship Manager), Help Desk, Support Tracking, Work Orders, Projects and Support Contract Management. This software solution was sold to System Integrators.


Business Development for IXORG (largest organization of UNIX resellers in the US in 1999). Created a program and setup a Nationwide Support Call Center infrastructure for the group. With this infrastructure, the organization can now offer services to larger customers including ISV’s and Manufacturers of hardware and software solutions.


Completed a Product Briefing to train the partner channel for the leading Event Fault Management software company in the world. This product briefing teaches the concepts of Event Fault Management, bringing it to a level that anyone in the industry would understand. Developed a channel for a new Internet Portal technology for a development company in Florida. This new channel is mainly composed of Sun and iPlanet VARs and Direct Sales People.


President / Owner - Oct 1998 – July 1999 * MBS Solutions* Edison, NJ (Sold Company- July 1999)

Consultant Activities– Worked with Lucent Technologies on Server Capacity planning, Utilization and Consolidation. Headed up the development of a reseller channel for a new Network Management Software product. Conducting presentations and quoting Configurations relating to Capacity Planning for SAP environments. Sold Unix based systems and software solutions.


VP of Advanced Technologies - 1997 – 1998 * DDI/Titan Tech * Shrewsbury, NJ

• Responsibilities included developing & managing a UNIX and Networking integration team. Ran a division heading up platform integration for two and three tier client/server applications. Responsible for developing an EDI product for ERP Systems, running a data conversion team, and setting up an SAP BASIS practice

• Assisted in the sale of the company in 1998


Executive VP - 1996 – 1997 * Silverline Industries * Piscataway, NJ

• In charge of UNIX Integration Team. Delegated & supervised the task of training and developing a market for a UNIX networking product in India. Acted as a consultant configuring and establishing capacity planning for Sun, IBM R/S 6000, and SCO systems.


President / Owner - 1982 – 1995 * Mini-Byte Software * Edison, NJ (Sold company 1995 to Silverline Ind.)

• Owned and managed profitable business for thirteen years. Controlled all development and system integration projects. Acted as primary sales person for all technical solutions offered by the company. The business expanded to gross over three and a half million dollars a year. Worked on UNIX/XENIX systems, analyzed customer needs and configured system requirements for businesses through the size of Fortune 500. Sold and supported Accounting and Warehouse systems as part of the Business Solutions Package offered by MBS. Designed, developed and supported software applications covering many business processes.

• Ranked one of the top five resellers in the country for SCO from 1990 – 1995.


Science & Math Teacher - 1969 – 1982 * Edison Board of Education * Edison, NJ


Outstanding Accomplishments:

1982 – Developed 13 application disks simulating scientific educational material for national distribution. Won six national awards for best-animated simulations for the educational market, the disks were sold nationally for nine years. Started installing and configuring networks for business and educational environments.


1982 – 1984 – Developed business applications for the Apparel Industry. Developed applications for the garment district in NY & NJ and created an accounting system for the SMB market.


1985 - 1986 – Developed a Warehousing system to work in conjunction with the Accounting system. Developed a consulting organization that would make recommendations for warehousing software, networking, bar coding and RF equipment. This software development project lasted 1.5 years with a half dozen installations before selling the rights to the package to a new company formed around this solution.


1987 – 1998 - Sold networking solutions integrating Novell and XENIX/UNIX systems. Started to build and integrate multiprocessor systems into this mixed environment using Informix. Sold all rights to the Warehousing software package a customer so they could start a warehousing software/consulting company. Mini-Byte ranked as one of SCO’s top five resellers in the country selling and supporting UNIX and UNIX related products


1989 - 1992 – Developed many applications while building a larger Xenix/Unix consulting, hardware sales/installation, and integration company.


1993 – Launched a marketing campaign for a new package called NetCon, which made UNIX appear to be a Novell Server. Gained worldwide distribution rights for the software. Held presentations nationwide and signed up over 200 resellers to sell and support this package in their local areas. Signed up Fujitsu, Solid Systems, and ILEX as OEM’s for this networking technology. Established a close working relationship with Sun for promoting NetCon. Recommended networking hardware and software solutions to make diverse systems seamlessly work together.


1996 – 1997 Sold Mini-Byte Software Inc. to Silverline Industries. Merged UNIX integration business with Data Dynamics. A position was taken with Data Dynamics to run their UNIX integration and ERP software support team. Developed a SAP BASIS strategy and team for ERP installations. Handled all sizing and capacity planning for every SAP customer.


1998 – Designed a conversion program to take information from EDI Format to an ERP format and headed up the team to complete the project. Organized the continuing support for new and existing ERP accounts for BASIS, EDI, Bar Coding, and Conversions.


1999 – Designed an application to handle Help Desk, Support Tracking, Work Orders, Projects and Support Contract Management.


1999 – 2000 - Hired by investors to evaluate a network management application. Product was recommended for investment and was in charge of OEM, sales. Instituted a buy out of Calvin Alexander Networking to Micromuse (a publicly traded company).


2002 – Completed the design, development and implementation of a Network/Security application to a publicly owned company (NAI) (NetMonView/NetMonSecure).


2004 – Architected and led a three-person development team to create a product (NetMonSecure) that competes against the largest most well funded companies in the SEM market.


2005 – Designed technology for handling Progressive Layered Forensic Correlation of security and network events was submitted for a patent and currently is in the patent pending status. This product is now owned by Consul Risk Management.



Personal Hobbies


    • Automotive racing at Porsche Club of America and SCCA events

    • Designing and completing new applications

    • Helping other professionals to build their businesses


Stay informed and up-to-date with what I am doing!


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