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HELLO AND WELCOME TO Allan Woolway's Site

I hope to leave a good foot print by helping others find success and being a good role model.

I am a family man with two daughters, who keep me very busy. We live in Lewisburg, PA. The most important things in my life have been done with love and passion. This passion gives me my energy. By using your mind you can overcome many obstacles, whether physical or emotional. This is how I have managed through life’s good and bad times. When I was younger I was consumed by gymnastics. When an injury caused me to stop, my passion became cars (and racing). During my first dozen years as a professional I was a teacher both in school and as a coach (to both students and adults). In 1981 I found that with the aid of computers and graphics I was able to use my imagination to create simulations of the world around us. I started as a computer programmer and systems consultant for businesses in 1981. During the next 30 years, the business included networking, security, small business applications, animations, software applications, running and owning businesses, and consulting. This was fun and a lot of work.


I have owned numerous technology based companies, created software applications and companies. In 2008 I decided to start volunteering to help small startup companies with technology and business advice. I work with Bucknell student startup companies, as well as with the Lewisburg SBDC. I volunteer to take pictures of sporting events in which my daughters are involved, posting them for all parents and students to enjoy.


I am proud of my accomplishments and how I work with other people.

This event was more fun that usual because Grace and Hope came and got to ride in the car with me.



Allan running his Porsche Panamera in Harrisburg, PA at an Autox event.

Lots of fun, great times..

This First video was back in 2002 racing my Porsceh Turbo at Limerock on street tires. Very good times and a blast.



Racing Videos
Road Racing, Autocross

Allan running his Porsche Turbo at Limerock

Allan running his Porsche Panamera in Harrisburg, PA at an Autox event.

Lots of fun, great times..

This event was more fun that usual because Grace and Hope came and got to ride in the car with me.



Allan's 55 Chevy Raced in 1973-1975 - Drag Strips in NJ

Allan running his Porsche Panamera at Hershey, PA at an Autox event.

This event fun. My nieces husband, Bob, brought his car and learned a lot.

Hope racing Go Karts.

Grace racing at Slick Willeys - 40-50mph Go Karts - 2014

My two daughters, the loves of my life.

Hope & Grace

Both of my girls





Grace & Hope @ Spooky Nook

Some of the things I have done

In 1964, I read that the world record for push ups in 1 1/2 hours was 1,687. I felt that I could beat it. I was a camp counselor that year. Two of the staff thought is was impossible. So they arranged for me to try this feat with 5 witnesses to make it official. Two of them ran gyms in New York.


It was a hot day and I paced myself. Sweating so much that the floor needed to be wiped and I had to keep moving to a dry spot. Campers were watching through the open windows. Angelo tried keeping up, but faded at around 400 push ups.


It was just before my 17th birthday. When I completed 1,810 everyone clapped and the gym owners decided to surprise me with this document.


Once I realized it was possible, that pace became just one of my seven hours of working out every day, I did 1,000 push ups as one of my 7 hours of working out.

It is amazing what anyone can accomplish if your try.

In 2001 I came up with an idea of how to investigate network events to find the root cause of where it was coming from. I came up with a database schema for handling the evaluation of events that was totally new. This made the product a success and we were able to compete against much larger companies for business. IBM eventually purchased the rights to the patent, but I will always retain authorship. I am proud of this accomplishment.



Rules are arranged as nodes among layers of a hierarchical decision tree. Nodes of the decision tree can be copied and re-used at other locations on the current tree, or on another tree, in a highly efficient manner. When this occurs, corresponding field values from a parent or ancestor node are automatically updated in the newly introduced node. In addition, when a decision tree is used to operate on an event repository, the results of various rules, defined as a “match” or “no match”, are stored in a common event table that is accessible by nodes at other layers of the decision tree. In addition, actions can be initiated, for example command scripts, at designated nodes of the decision tree, for example upon the occurrence of certain conditions.

Allan's Patent

Allan's documented, unofficial World's Record

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